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Name:Road Kamelot
Birthdate:Jul 15

+     PLAYER INFO     +
Player Name: Chelle
Personal LJ:[info]lejlkwiet
Email: heart.of.ashes [at] gmail [dot] com
Messenger: HeartFireAshes [AIM]
4th walling: No, thank you

Name: Road Kamelot
Series: D.Gray-man
Age: Looks 13, is over 35 in her current body, over 7000 memory-wise.
Inherited Memory: Dreams
Interests: Teasing people, playing
Likes: Candy, Allen, The Millenium Earl
Dislikes: Humans
History:Coming Soon
Coming Soon

Coming Soon

+     IN THE CITY     +
Entered the City on the 17th September 2008


♥♥♥♥♥ [info]The Millennium Earl
♥♥♥♥♥ [info]Tyki Mikk
♥♥♥♥ [info]Lulu Bell

In game : (In progress)
♥♥♥ [info]Grell Sutcliff
♥X [info]Justin Pendleton
♥♥ [info]Rip Van Winkle

+     FAMILY     +

Application      IC Contact Post      Circus Carnivore
Disclaimer: This is a roleplaying journal for [info]polychromatic and [info]anteceded. Road Kamelot and D.Gray-man are both © Katsura Hoshino. No profit is being made through this journal.
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Interests (18):

allen walker, avoiding homework, candles, candy, cyril camelot, destroying innocence, dreams, duke millenium, family, illusions, jasdevi, killing exorcists, lero, lulu bell, noah, noah's ark, skin boric, tyki mikk
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